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SUMMA 2024: Yearbook

SUMMA 2024: Yearbook is an exhibition celebrating the remarkable talents of the 2024 McMaster School of the Arts visual art graduates. This showcase illuminates the profound evolution of each student throughout their senior year, marked by spirited classroom discussions and a fearless commitment to challenging established and colonial creative norms.

Yearbook features a diverse array of artistic mediums, from cutting-edge VR/AR and 3-D printing technologies to traditional forms such as sculpture, painting, and drawing. Addressing contemporary issues such as social consciousness, cultural identity, memory, sexuality, and sustainability, each artwork serves as a narrative thread inviting viewers to delve deeper into these themes. Through exploration and experimentation, the collective body of work transcends artistic boundaries, fostering inclusivity within the art community.

Read the full curatorial statement here.

Opening Reception 
Thursday, April 11, 4-7PM

Artists: Matthew Bailey, Brooke Bielak, Melissa C. Iza, Geneva Cooper, Leah Corrigan, Stefanie Croning, Emma Eichenberg, Hannah Essex, Oliver Fu, Anna George, Ardyn Gibbs, Shay Guan, Jessica Hadall, Zeina Hamada, Rebecca Han, Camryn Hardaker-Schabauer, Jenny Kim, Pippa MacDonald, Jacob Micallef, Eli Nolet, Olivia Outlaw, Paryse Reed, Anthony Rizkalla, Cameron Russell Roberts, Ren Tolbert, Sara Notdorft

SUMMA is the annual graduating exhibition for the McMaster University School of the Arts BFA.

Image: SUMMA 2024 logo, Produced by Eli Nolet and Ardyn Gibbs in consultation with the full cohort.

Curated by: Christina Leslie

April 09, 2024 – April 26, 2024

Link to Exhibitions Archive for a complete list of past exhibitions


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SUMMA 2024: Yearbook

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Detail of Rajni Perera, Storm, 2020.

Rajni Perera: Futures

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A collaged and layered photograph of the Grand River floats in the centre of a black background, along with the words: Arenhátyen tsi ní:tsi teyottenyonhátye’ kwató:ken tsi nī:tsi yonkwa’nikonhrayén:ta’s Image courtesy of Courtney Skye. The list of artists is displayed along the bottom: Dakota Brant, Denny Doolittle, Elizabeth Doxtater, Kaya Hill, Rick Hill, Arnold Jacobs, Ken Maracle, Shelley Niro, Protect The Tract Artist Collective, Steve Smith, Greg Staats, Kristen E. Summers, Jeff Thomas

We Remain Certain
Arenhátyen tsi ní:tsi teyottenyonhátye’ kwató:ken tsi nī:tsi yonkwa’nikonhrayén:ta’s

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Two artworks suspended in a grey background; Nicholas Baier's Octobre, and Shelley Niro's Nature's Wild Children.


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Artist Mike MacDonald in Gage Park, photo captured by Dianne Bos.

Lisa Myers: Finding what Grows

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The SUMMA 2023 logo is an overlapping triple diamond design, featuring shapes coloured in gradient from red to yellow, purple to pink, and green to blue. The logo is suspended in the centre of a background consisting of a pink and blue swirling gradient.

SUMMA 2023 – Where We Intersect: Identities, Environments, Activisms

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Screen grab of the virtual artwork refuge (SIREN), by nichola feldman-kiss & Matheuszik with SPATIAL-ESK. The image shows an underwater landscape with an iceberg, floating scales, and a far away architectural structure surrounded by floating stools.

nichola feldman-kiss / refuge (SIREN)

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A black, cone shaped piece of earthen material floating against a black background

Chris Myhr: Salients

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To promote and stimulate learning, interest and continued enjoyment about the visual arts, the Museum will organize an annual programme of temporary exhibitions for presentation year round.

Exhibition proposals/submissions are accepted on an on-going basis.

The Director/Curator will select and establish the annual exhibition programme in collaboration with the curatorial team. An exhibition schedule will be presented by the Director/Curator to the Advisory Board of the Museum once each year


Proposals are accepted from artists and curators.


10-20 digital images, project description, and CV.

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The McMaster Museum of Art is a third party recommender for Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Exhibition Assistance Grants.

The 2023-24 Exhibition Assistance Program opens on June 7, 2023, and closes on January 16, 2024. Our deadlines for the programming year are:

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Please follow the guidelines established by the Ontario Arts Council, apply directly through their website, and submit the following with your applications:

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