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Pre-disposed To Thinking Through the Eye of Mutual Convenience

Both an exhibition catalogue and a critical examination of how contemporary art practice aligns with the pursuit of the conceptual in art, this publication considers the work of two emerging artists within the context of work by German artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986). The practices of Hyang Cho and Ken Nicol are characterized by notional and self-reflexive organizing and ordering systems that draw cues from the everyday, examining and selecting readymade elements, and raiding philosophy. Their work may be described as “obsessive” or, as conveyed in the subtitle, “predisposed to”. They share an idea with Beuys, to “function as carriers for complex ideas [as much] as their capacity to release a communicative impulse between artists and viewer.” The essay explores ideas of art outside of the pictorial, such as the history of and the current practice in. Hyang Cho was born in South Korea and is based in Guelph Ontario. Ken Nicol is based in Toronto.

78 pp 40 col. ill. 9 x 6.5 in softcover

Ihor Holubizky