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Listening Awry

Catalogue of a group exhibition of sound artists from around the world: Kimsooja (New York City), Christian Marclay (New York City), Santiago Sierra (Mexico) and Su-Mei Tse (Luxembourg). 30 pp col. ill. 978-9783585-0-1 Sharon Switzer: Falling from Grace (2007) Carla Garnet et al Switzer’s work in digital video stems from years of working in new media and her familiarity with her medium allows for a fluidity of practice that has been likened to that of a painter. In these new works, text, animation and video footage are combined to create short looping sequences which relate moments in time characterized by both the artist’s dry humour and a sense of pathos.

36 pp col. ill. 7 x 9.5 in

Jim Drobnick