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Arnaud Maggs, Nomenclature

In association with The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa and Gallery One One One in Winnipeg.

Arnaud Maggs has a 40 year photographic career marked by an interest in systems. This publication highlights his photographs of two seminal studies on color published in the 19th century. ‘Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours’ and ‘Cercles chromatiques de M. E. Chevreul’ had a profound impact on naturalists, scientists and artists. Langford outlines their history and the extent to which they influenced society; even Darwin carried a copy of Werner’s on the Beagle. Maggs gives us magnificent photographs of rare copies of both books. Concurrent with the publication of this catalogue, Arnaud Maggs is a recipient of the Governor General’s Award.

86 pages, illustrated

Texts by David Aurandt, Linda Jansma and Martha Langford