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The Art of Seeing™ is a visual literacy program developed by the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine and the McMaster Museum of Art in partnership to enhance and support professional competency in observation, communication, and compassion.

Learning to look at visual art is a means to a better understanding of ourselves and others. Program participants will develop skills to enhance and support professional and personal growth with an emphasis on wellness, resilience and humanistic leadership. Research has shown that these traits can be learned by viewing art in an art gallery.* Art is one way to tell our stories as it helps us understand how we fit into our cultures, communities and workplaces.

The Art of Seeing™ program has been offered to McMaster residents, faculty, staff, community leaders and businesses at several Ontario sites. The program is tailored to suit each group’s needs in terms of content, length of program, and specific location, and range from a half-day workshop to a six-week course. These sessions can be hosted in a single location or presented at a variety of cultural institutions.

The Art of Seeing™ program was first launched in 2010, following a 2009 pilot project with McMaster faculty. Read the story about the original program (which included an exhibition component) and launch in Macleans Magazine.

In 2018, the program was also made available to individuals through McMaster Continuing Education. (MCE) Details on the next session hosted via MCE (coming 2023) will be shared when available.

For more information:

Dr. Joyce Zazulak, MSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Professor, Department of Family Medicine,
McMaster University

Nicole Knibb, BA (Art History), MDes (Strategic Foresight and Innovation)
Senior Education Officer, McMaster Museum of Art,
McMaster University


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