Published:  The Unvarnished Truth Catalogue

Published:  The Unvarnished Truth Catalogue

May 11, 2016 | Published by MMA


The Unvarnished Truth exhibition publication is now available!  Get yours in person at the Museum or on-line through ABC Art Books of Canada, Montreal. Purchase price is $45.

In 2010, the Museum embarked on a significant research project with colleagues in the Departments of Anthropology and Physics and Applied Radiation Science. The goal was to undertake a study of several Old Master works in the Museum’s collection through various physical testing methods afforded by the unique equipment available on the campus of McMaster University. Almost six years later, the project grew to include researchers from Canada, the United States and Europe and the results of their work have been transformed into a touring exhibition, an on-line interactive website, and this scholarly publication. The Unvarnished Truth Project is funded through the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Access to Heritage Program.