Notes from our architecture tours

Notes from our architecture tours

June 24, 2019 | Published by MMA
Tour group looking at Hamilton Hall, McMaster University
Teresa Gregorio, Education Officer, leading a walking tour of campus architecture during Hamilton Arts Week

“I remember how dramatically the community shifted when all the soldiers returned to campus after the war (WWII)”

“Just inside that window is where I met my wife.”

“Many happy times on the original Phoenix patio, even before it had this beautiful view [at its new location]”

Our recent McMaster campus architecture tours inspired many alumni, retirees, and community members to share their personal memories and spark some fascinating conversations. Thank you to all who made the walking tours so enriching for us.

For those who wanted to dig deeper and follow up on some of the stories Teresa shared, she’s gathered a handy list of resources (below), many from our neighbours at Mills Library.

In Raise the Hammer: Gerard Middleton wrote about stone use in Hamilton and references McMaster buildings a few times, particularly in this article: Imported Stone in Hamilton Buildings

McMaster University; 3 volumes / Charles M. Johnston
Volume 3 as an ebook McMaster University e-book

The carvings of McMaster University : a walker’s guide / R.P. Graham

stone carvings at Hamilton Hall, McMaster University
A closer look at carvings above the door to Hamilton Hall

Student Days – student life at McMaster University from the 1890s to the 1980s / Charles M. Johnston and John C. Weaver

McMaster’s Master Plan

McMaster Fact book / 2017-2018

Divinity College Website‘s History page

McMaster Archives Aerial photos

Hamilton Public Library Images search “mcmaster” to see a bunch of great vintage photos

Image of old walking trails in parking lots across Cootes Drive

Nature at McMaster has Information about McMaster’s “grey-to-green” project for west parking lots